Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Day, Another Hotel

I was on a business trip and checking into a hotel in the very early morning hours. It had been a long trip and I was really just wanting to get intot he room and go to bed. Well, that was until I saw the sexy red head checking me in. 

She was in her early 20s, large breasts, and big round eyes. She had on slacks and these cute little ballet flats with no hose or socks. Her fingers were long and well manicured, polished a glistening black. I was turned on to say the least. There was a reflection from a side window and I could see her standing there, sliding her foot in and out of her shoe while she typed on the computer to get me checked in. She asked if I was there on business. I told her yes and that I hoped it would be a successful trip. She looked up and just grinned at me. Beautiful smile. I glanced in the reflection again and was getting frustrated because she wouldn't let her toes come all the way out so I could see them. 

Check in complete, I ventured up to my room, dropped my stuff and went to the vending machines to get a soda. Upon returning I discovered my key wouldn't let me back in. So back down to the red head I go to see if she can help. 

I get there and she apologizes, resets the key and then says she will go upstairs with me and make sure everything is working. As we get on the elevator, I look down and and am just convinced those feet are gorgeous even though I haven't seen them yet. I look up and she has caught me looking and just smiles. I hit the buttons and she asks what kind of business I do. I tell her I am a photographer and producer. She asks what I shoot. I have nothing to lose, so I tell her its mostly foot fetish material, from mild to wild. She looks me in the eye and says, "Feet and get wild?"

I giggle and tell her yes. I also follow it up with, "The best part about it is that you don't necessarily have to show your face." She looks ahead and says simply, "Really..."

We get to the room. The key works. Turns out there is a trick to opening the door, which she shows me. I thank her. She says, "If you need anything else, let me know. I am here until 7am." 

Without thinking I just blurt out, "You could let me see your toes. I want know if they are the same color as your fingernails." She smiles and slides her shoes, both shoes, off saying, "Of course!" I look at the most beautiful size 9s with long slender toes and broad nail beds that I have seen in a while. My dick begins to grow quickly and just say, "WOW!"

She giggles. The says, "I guess that means my feet would make you wild?" 
I reply, "You have no idea. If you get bored and have 15 minutes later, come back up." She says "ok" and I go into the room. 

About half an hour later there is a tap at the door. I go open it and there she stands. She smiles and says simply, "How do you get wild with feet?" I step back and she steps in. I sit her on the bed, put those toes in my mouth and start to worship the fuck out of them. I pull out my dick and put her feet together and start to fuck her high arches. I stick it between those long toes and grab her ankle and move her foot up and down. She squeezed the head of my dick with her toes. I look up and see her smiling. She starts to hold my dick with one foot and stroke it with the toes on the other. 

After only a minute, I know I am about to cum. I decide not to warn her and just let it blast. 
She giggles as her toes are drenched. I even shot some up her pant leg. She then asks, 'How long are you in town?" 

It was a fun trip. I hope to go back and visit again soon.

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