Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Toe-Rotica - Real Life Experiences of a Toe Monster

The Hotel

I was on a trip for a weekend seminar and staying in a nice hotel. We had ended the session early and I was bored out of my mind. I decided to simply go for a walk and wander around to check out my surroundings. This tends to be a habit for me anytime I am somewhere I don't frequent. Its a hold over from the military.

As I went down the hallway where my room was, I noticed a housekeeping cart. I wandered by and casually looked in the propped open door. There was this 20-something drop dead gorgeous Asian girl adjusting the covers on the bed. Then I noticed she had on these cute little ballerina type flats with no socks or hose. My guts turned over. Her fingernails were painted a bright red. I figured, "What the hell", and stood there as she began to walk to her cart.

She greeted me and we began to small talk. Finally, I complimented her on her shoes and she thanked me. I asked her the size and she replied, "They are 7s." I asked if she did her own nails and she said, "Of course," and smiled. I then took the plunge asking if her toes matched her fingers. She said they did and I asked if I could see them. She casually slid her foot out of her shoe and lifted it up to me.

Impulsively I dropped to one knee and took her beautiful foot in my hands. It was hot with sweat and the toenails were absolutely painted perfectly. Nails were on the longer side and the toes were long and slender. Her soles were incredibly soft like velvet. Without thinking I kissed her toes. I looked up to see her smiling at me and she said simply, "You like?" I looked down at my crotch with a full on woody straining to escape my Dockers and responded, "Yeah, its pretty obvious."

She put her shoe back on and stepped towards the door of the empty room. "You want to kiss them more?" I quickly responded with a, "Hell Yeah!" and followed her into the room. She sat on the bed and I took off her shoes and gave her feet a vigorous tongue lashing and sucked every toe like there was no tomorrow. She laid back on her elbows and moaned quietly. I figured its now or never and stood up. Looking at her toes I unzipped and pulled out my cock. It was already leaking precum. I grabbed her right foot and placed it on my cock. She wiggled her toes and slid my cock between her big toe and second toe. A smooth back and forth movement started. Next she took her left foot and braced my cock on one side, curling her toes over the shaft to help hang on to it and continued to move her feet back and forth. After less than two minutes I shot a load. She smiled. I thanked her profusely and then grabbed a towel to clean her up. I gave her $50 and told her my room number. I told her if she worked the next day I would like to repeat the experience before I left for home. She smiled and said, "Maybe". 

She was back the next morning at my room.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

How Do You Do It

One of the most asked questions I have ever had is, "How do you get these girls to..." or some variation thereof. No matter what variation is asked, the answer is remarkably simple:

I ask.

That's it. Nothing more complicated than that. No great big trade secret. No drama. No magic. I simply ask. I am also not afraid to comment either. By that I mean, if I see someone with absolutely gorgeous feet I am not afraid to say something to them. Out loud. In public.

See, I learned a long time ago that if you stay quiet and secretive then you will more often than not be alone beating your dick into oblivion replaying memory images in your mind. Saying something, however, can turn a glimpse into a full fledged experience. All to many times I have had situations that would normally have remained simply visual turn into a situation where I was actually handling a beautiful foot of a stranger simply because I swallowed that nervous anxiety and said something like, "Oh my god, your feet are gorgeous!" A passing glance would turn into a twenty minute conversation and/or allow me to hand out a business card and recruit a potential model.

For way too long I was afraid that someone would find out I was into feet and use it against me or use it to embarrass or humiliate me because it meant I was "weird" or "not normal". I finally realized that liking feet was simply part of who I was. Why in hell would I allow someone to use my fondness as ammunition or as a weapon against me? No longer could someone say, "if you don't do such and such I will tell everyone you like feet." I beat them to the punch by telling people myself. And, best of all, I actually benefited from this. The "I'm gonna tell everyone" comment is answered by the word, "And...?" and in doing so removes all the power and threat

So, my answer to "how do you..." becomes my actual best advice to foot lovers everywhere: ASK.
If you ASK, you have a 50/50 chance of something going in your favor. If you DONT ask, you have a 100% chance of nothing working out for you. I don't know about you, but a 50% chance is much better than no chance at all.