Thursday, May 4, 2017

Real Life Adventures of a Toe Monster

The Shoe Store

Several months ago I was cruising a local shoe store looking for sales to add some more heels to the photo studio. I happened into one store in a local mall that wasn't too busy and began to walk the shelves. 

I rounded a corner and found this incredibly hot older lady trying on heels. Looking down, which is what I usually do, I spotted some incredible looking toes painted a glossy cherry red. She had three different pairs of shoes and was slipping them off and on then extending her leg to admire the appearance. I watched the show.and realized she wore no panties and was flashing me. 

Not sure if this was really happening or not, I stepped closer. It was then she looked at me and said, "do you like what you see?" I nodded and looked down at her feet. She wiggled her toes and slid them out of the high heel she had on and extended her leg towards me. "They are pretty, I think."
I stammered an agreement. I realized that I was grabbng my fully hard cock through my jeans. Her smile as she looked down at it made me blush a little. I reached out for her foot. She moved it towards me. I quickly looked around to make sure the clerk was not near. Then I bent over and sucked her big toe into my mouth. A sharp intake of breath and a soft moan later and I looked up to find her smiling. I placed those cherry red toes on my crotch and felt the wiggling begin. I looked around for the clerk again and heard her in the back moving boxes. I figured now or never...I unzipped and pulled out my cock and rubbed it on her toes and stuck it between her toes and pumped it a few times. I pulled back and jacked my cock until it shot a load on that cherry red polish. 

She giggled and thanked me for the lotion. I zipped up, thank her for letting me play with her pretty toes and quickly left the store. 

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