Saturday, March 28, 2015

ToeRotica - Real Stories From The Life Of A Toe Monster

The Dance

  I went into a local nude club several years back
to check it out. It really wasn't much to speak of,
but it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

See, there was this girl, Madison, who made it all
worth the trip!

Most of the girls were butt-ugly. Madison, though,
stood out and had a way of looking at you that would just
make you melt. She wore knee high black boots and
had the most gorgeous pussy you have ever seen.
Her fingernails were long and painted a bright orange.

Once she came to sit with me, we chatted about
nothing of value for a few minutes. Then she asked
if I wanted a dance. I had nothing to lose since this wasn't

one of my regular haunts, so I blurted out,
"Only if your toenails are painted."

She smiled and simply said, "of course they are.
Do you like feet or  something?"
I confessed, "Yeah, I do. Quite a bit as a matter of fact."
She smiled again, purring, "Hmmmmm," and lead me away
to the private dance area.

I paid in advance for three songs. Once in the room
I read all the little notices on the wall about no
touching the dancers, no propositioning for sex, etc, etc.
I also noticed a handful of napkins on the end table.

She smiled and started to dance the first song.
WOW! She was incredible. Her moves were fluid and
extremely erotic. She seemed to know exactly how to 
tease me with every movement.
 Once all the clothes came off, I asked if she was
going let me see her feet.
She looked at me and
grinned saying, "Well, OK, if you really want to, but they might be
a little sweaty and smelly from my boots."

I told her I didn't care. I just had to get a look at her toes.
She sat down and took her boots and socks off
revealing a pair of some of the most beautiful size 9s
I have ever seen!

She had long slender toes, with medium length nails
painted a dark, erotic, slutty red. She wore a toe ring on the
second toe of each foot and immediately began to
point her toes and spread them apart as she watched
me. She raised each foot up near my face

for inspection, keeping them mere inches
from me. I squirmed in my seat and told her if she didn't
quit doing that I would probably pull my dick out
and start to jack off right there, and then get thrown out!
She laughed and said, "It's OK. Guys pull their dicks out
all the time in front of me, I dont mind at all!"

"Isn't that illegal," I asked.

"Not in Texas in a total nude club like this. You can jack 
your dick all you want. You just can't touch me and I 
can't touch you." 

"DAMN!" I stammered. 

 I took the hint and unleashed my now rock hard cock
from my trousers while her back  was turned still dancing.

She backed up and brushed up against me,
hitting my raging boner. There was no way she
couldn't notice. I got nervous and looked up to
see her glance over her shoulder and smile.

"Well, Hello," she said simply.

 She continued to dance and I relaxed. She asked
me what I liked to do to feet and I told her, "Everything

when they are pretty enough." 
I explained in ever growing explicit detail finding my
cock starting to leak pre-cum as I stared at her 
feet throughout my descriptions.
 When I got to the part about cumming all over toes,
she groaned and said, "Oh my god, that’s disgusting."
I told her if she hadn’t experienced it then she
didn’t know what she was missing. She just smiled and said,

She stepped up onto the couch I was sitting on
and placed her feet on my upper thighs. I could feel her toes
gripping and grabbing as she writhed around. I continued to
whack my wiener getting ever closer to blowing a load.
She put her hands on the wall behind me and raised
one of her feet to my face, then shoved her big toe in my mouth. 
She moaned and leaned back a little. Looking down at me,
she smiled and said, "OO, be careful."

" I will," I promised and started to look around,
"I won't take long."

She removed her toes from my mouth and as she started
to step down, I guided her foot onto my straining cock. 
No one else was in the room but she looked around anyway,
the, back down at me as she slid her slobbered on toes
around the shaft of my dick. She squeezed once really hard
and stroked it a few times. 

 The second song was ending and I figured I had
nothing to lose. As the third song began and she
 pulled up a chair and sat across from me, effectively blocking

the view of anyone who might look in. I pushed my cock in between
those long toes. She looked back over her shoulder
and smiled, then started to move her toes up and
down the upper shaft and head of my cock with her

right foot while bracing it with her left one.
She pumped it only a few more times.
That’s all it took.
I shot all over her pretty red painted toes!

The funny part is that she smiled the entire time
I was blowing a load on her toes! 

 When I was done she looked at the mess and said,
"I guess that wasn’t so bad after all!
We should do this again sometime!"

I grabbed the napkins and cleaned up my jizz from her
perfect feet and thanked her profusely. I tipped her an
extra $50 too. She thanked me and said, "I always wanted
to run into a foot guy and see what the foot thing was all
about. Come back and see me sometime."

"Damn straight I will," and I did, too, for the next two years.
Eventually, she moved on and we lost touch. Would love
to cross paths again someday.


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