Friday, March 20, 2015

Murphy's Law for Foot Fetishists

1. Everyone you know will not understand what you could
possibly find attractive about a female foot.

2. The most beautiful woman in the world will have
feet so ugly that you will retch for days.

3. The ugliest woman in the world will have feet so gorgeous
that a tit man would get a boner from seeing them!

4. If you find a woman that loves to have her feet worshiped
she will live on the opposite coast or overseas.

5. When you meet a woman who LOVES to give footjobs
she will be moving to the opposite coast in a few hours.

6. If you get the phone number of a woman who loves to have
her feet attended to, it will be disconnected when you call.

7. If you meet a woman who agrees to let you have your way
with her feet as much and as often as you like tomorrow
she will never show up.

8. If you meet a woman who loves to have her feet pampered,
played with, cum on, and massaged, she will be married to an
insecure redneck who thinks feet are disgusting and is jealous
that the family dog may get more attention than he does so those
perfect feet will forever be ignored.

9. If you are about to see the feet of a celebrity that you have
been patiently waiting to see for years, the cable will go out.

10. If you are about to see the feet of a woman you have been
lusting after for years, someone will block your view,
or the phone will ring.

11. If a total stranger agrees to let you photograph her feet,
the battery in your camera will be dead or you will have
left your camera at home or your cell phone will be dead.

12. If there is a meeting of women who are looking for a footman
to educate them on foot fetish activities, you will have to
work late or be fired.

13. If you meet two women who are willing to give you a footjob
right then, you will be on your way to the biggest meeting
of your life.

14. When the meeting is over, you will never be able to find
those two women.

15. If you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to
photograph yourself having your way with a celebrity's feet,
the lighting will suck and the shots will not turn out.

16. If you actually get to have your way with your favorite
celebrity's feet, no one will ever believe you.

17. In a room full of women, everyone will take their shoes off
except the woman whose feet you are dying to see most.
18. You decide to be honest and tell this absolutely beautiful
woman who is known for wearing nothing but flip flops about
your thing for feet and from that moment on, everytime you are
in the same place she will be wearing old sneakers or boots.

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